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Related post: Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 02:09:10 -0500 (EST) From: Marc Subject: Reflections In A Mirror (Part 2)Disclaimer:The following story deals with incest, watersports and scat between consenting gay men. If you find this subject matter offensive or if you are under the age of eighteen, STOP HERE!Reflections In A Mirror (Part 2) By Rim4youChapter OneJoey and I huddled in a corner of the bar sipping our beers and taking in the view of the hunky men around us."Neat place, huh?""Sure is, Joey. I can't believe how they asian teen porn video made the inside of this place look like a cave!""That's why it's tiny teen porn angles called 'The Cave,' Kyle!"Indeed, the owners of "The Cave" had gone through great lengths to give their bar alot of atmosphere. The rock walls curved upward towards a high ceiling where false stalactites dangled"Check it out, teen titain porn Kyle," Joey said, nodding his head forward and towards the right."Oh my God!" I gasped."I think we oughtta take a walk over there and introduce ourselves, don't you?" Joey responded, to my surprised exclamation."We can at least say hello, Joey.""Come on!"As Joey and I made our way towards the two men who were nonchalantly leaning on a high top table in what looked like a cozy, private nook, my brother and I received quite a few looks and nods. I suppose it's not everyday that one runs across identical twins in a gay bar!The two men. who had caught Joey's attention. looked up from their conversation with surprise as my brother and I approached."Hey! What's up, guys?" Joey said, with a big smile."Hi!" I piped in. "I'm Kyle and this is my brother, Joey.""Glad to meat you guys," came the response. "I'm Mario and this is my brother, Carlos. Can we get the two of you another beer?""Sounds like a plan to me!" I answered, gazing at these two Latino hunks."Be right back," Mario said, and made his way towards the bar.As Mario passed me, I looked at his ass quite obviously. Two shapely melons encased porn austrailian teen in the tight denim of his jeans and stratigically ripped in the right places.Carlos noticed my approving stare at his brother's very nice assets and grinned."Yeah! Everyone loves Mario's ass! Including me!" Carlos said.Mario returned setting four beers down on the high top table."What's everybody grinning at?" he asked."We were just admiring the view!" I said, flashing Mario a big smile."Yeah! The view from the rear!" Joey chuckled.Mario glanced back over his shoulder and grinned from ear to ear. His dark green eyes seemed to twinkle with mischief."See something you boys want?" he chuckled.The four of us busted out laughing. Mario positioned himself between Joey and I and across from his brother, Carlos. veary ynge teen porn As the evening progressed the four of us became better acquainted with one another.Carlos and Mario, like Joey and I, were identical twins. They were twenty-two years old. Their green eyes sparkled and contrasted well with their long black hair which spilled over their broad shoulders. >From what I coud see, Mario and Carlos were richly tanned and the low scoop of their tank tops revealed a nicely built chest swirling with black hair.As the evening progressed, so too did our wandering hands. I swirled my hand over Mario's firm butt. At my touch, Mario arched his back thrusting his ass squarely against the palm of my hand. Inquisitively, I underage teen porn pix slipped a finger within the rip in his jeans and discoverd his hairy, moist asshole.My mind swirled with filthy thoughts as I continued to probe Mario's hole with my finger. His asshole felt so damp, so moist, so wonderful."Find something you like?" Mario asked, leaning towards me and whispering seductively in my ear.As my finger probed a little further I felt something warm and gooey."Oh yeah!" I whispered back, as Mario flicked his tongue in my ear."Do you and your brother, Joey, like to play nasty?""How volleyball teen porn nasty?" I practically groaned, not knowing if Mario's use of the word meant what I was thinking about as I continued to finger his asshole."Carlos and I like to plumper teen porn get real dirty! We like it filthy!"I free teen hardore porn couldn't believe what I was hearing. I almost moaned as Mario drew me into his arms and kissed me deep and hard, thin teen porn pics grinding his ass on my finger."Hmmmmm! Seems like our brothers are getting along quite nicely, don't you think?" pregnant teen porn pictures Joey said, glancing from Mario and and I to Carlos."Yes. I'd say so." Carlos responded, with a firm grope to youngs porn teen the bulge between Joey's watch porn teen sex legs. "I get rather thirsty when I young teen black porn play. Get my drift, Joey?""That's fine with me!""I think the four of us would play very well together." Carlos remarked, continuing to squeeze Joey's hard cock.Carlos nodded his head towards Mario and I. Joey smiled approvingly. In the faint glow of a small lantern casting its pale light, Mario and I were flicking our tongues over free teen veido porn my finger. The finger I used to probe the inner, warm depths of Mario's asshole."I know my brother well," Carlos whispered, turning to Joey. "I know what Mario wants and needs.""And do you have the same needs too?" Joey asked, running his hand over Carlos' chest and tweaking his nipple between his fingers."Aaaaaahhhhhh!" Carlos moaned. "Yes. The very xxx hardcore teen porn same needs!""Uh ... guys!" Joey spoke classy teen porn up.Mario and I diverted our attention from my finger and our salacious licking to him."What do you say the four of us leave before we draw too much attention?" Joey remarked."Sounds like the best offer I've heard all night!" Mario said, flashing a big smile. "Why don't teen first fuck you and Kyle come over to our apartment? We can teen hardcore porn galleries have a few more drinks and get to know each other better.""That sounds like a winner to me!" I said."Great!" Carlos chimed in. "We only live a few blocks away on University Boulevard."As the four of us made our way out of the bar, heads turned, eyes practically popped out of their sockets and mouths fell open.Outside, Carlos leaned up agaist the wall and cracked up laughing."I bet they don't see that too often!""What?" I asked, rather dumbly."Kyle! Hello! Anybody in there?" Joey chuckled, tapping me on the head."That we're twins! Two sets of twins in ugly teen girl porn the same bar together!" Mario remarked, laughing alongside his brother."I guess I didn't realize that's what all the commotion was about, huh?""You got that right. From the looks of you two, I'd say Mario and I are in for one hot night!" Carlos said, then whistled."Ditto that!" Joey responded.As Joey and I got into my car and proceded to follow Carlos and Mario, in a red Camaro, out lebian teen porn of the parking lot and onto the highway, I was amazed, almost stupified at the thought of having a four way session of raunchy sex with Carlos, Mario, Joey and myself."Fuck! Can you believe it?" I asked, excitedly. "I never thought in a million years that something like this teens tight pussy was gonna happen!""Neither did I." Joey said. "I'm so fuckin' horny right now! Hot damn!" Joey slapped his thigh. "Two fuckin', hunky Latinos for you and I, Kyle!""That'll make for alot of chocolate fudge tonight!" I mature lesbian with teen said, with a roar of laughter."Carlos says he get's quite thirsty when he plays, Kyle.""Oh yeah? Well, I think we'll all be able to quench his thirst!"Up ahead, in the red Camaro, a similar conversation was taking place."Whaddya think, Mario? Kyle and Joey. Real cute, huh?""Oh yeah! And raunchy like live teen porn us, Carlos! You and Joey hit it off quite well.""Yeah! I'd say the same thing about you and Kyle.""The way he was fingering my hole, I knew what he wanted, especially ...""Especially what, Mario?""You know, teen asian porn site Carlos! He couldn't miss the fact that my teen titans starfire porn ass is real dirty!""How could anyone hot teen rape porn else, for that matter? Joey and I could see what you two were sniffing and licking! Butt candy!"The red Camaro pulled into a rather upscale apartment complex. Joey and I glanced at each other approvingly."Geez! college teen sex Kinda ritzy, huh?" I remarked."One of the nicest on this side of town, Kyle. I tricked with a guy who lives here.""Still see him?""On occassion. We don't have the exact same taste. Know what I mean?""Yeah! I do indeed."I pulled into a parking spot right next to Mario and Carlos. The four of us free webcams teen porn smiled teen seducers porn and grinned as we bailed out of our cars and climbed the stairs to Carlos and Mario's second floor apartment."Nice place you guys have here." I said, teen big ass porn as we entered the livingroom which had a vaulted ceiling and a huge fireplace. French doors opened up to a large, screened in patio which overlooked the lake."Thanks." Carlos said. "Make yourselves comfortable while I get things set up. Mario and I weren't exactly prepared to have our male teen porn sex kind of company over tonight!"As Carlos made his way out of the livingroom, he patted me on the butt and flashed a big smile."Uh ... we have beer, wine, liquor. Kyle? Joey?""Beer's fine with me, Mario." I said."Same here." Joey said.As Mario made his exit towards the kitchen, Carlos returned with some plastic and a gym bag."Need some help?" Joey asked."If you don't mind. We'll need to pull those chairs back up against that wall over there. This tarp is big enough to practically cover the entire floor. Mario and I like to net teen porn listings play in front of the fireplace."Carlos set the gym bag and plastic tarp down on the sofa. teen porn sex gallery Together, the three of us pulled the chairs back and rolled out the plastic. Indeed, the four of us would have a large play area."Here you go, guys!" Mario chirped, as he returned, beers teen hardcore porn xxx in hand. "I hope Icehouse is okay.""That's just fine! Thanks!" Joey and I said."You need some help, Carlos?" free teen porn latin Mario shouted."Nah! I got it. Why don't you turn on some music or something?"Mario picked up the remote and flipped on the CD player. happy teen porn In an instant, the room was beating with the bass to Ricky Martin singing "She bangs! She bangs! ...""I just love this teen fuck pic song!" Mario said, standing and gyrating his hips to the rhythym of the music."He's a Ricky Martin fanatic!" Carlos hollered, entering the livingroom with several towels in his hands."So is Kyle." Joey said."That's your beer next to the lamp, Carlos." Mario said, now fully engaged in dancing, swaying his well built body erotically and singing along, quite nicely too.Carlos picked up his beer and sat down next to Joey."Looks like you and I have two male dancers to entertain us!" Carlos said, laughing."Kyle dances at free erotic teen porn one of the clubs back home.""Really? Mario dances at 'The Golden Rod' on Saturday nights. I'm sure glad we didn't head over there tonight and opted to go to 'The Cave' instead.""So am I, Carlos!"Mario and I were deep into the free teen lesbian videos song, working out a routine as we went along. Whenever Ricky would shout "She bangs! She bangs!" Mario would turn young teen porn tgp towards me, bend over and I'd grab his hips and bang my crotch against his ass."Way to go guys!" Joey shouted, clapping his hands."Aren't ya gonna tip us?" I hollered back."Yeah!" Mario quirped, "we don't work for free you know!""Oh! I think Joey and I can come up with something you two would enjoy!" Carlos said, reaching between Joey's outspread legs and rubbing Joey's full basket."Now that's an offer I can't refuse!" Mario said, as the music came to a grinding halt.Carlos turned the music down. Mario walked over towards the sofa and plopped down on his knees before Joey."Hi!" he whispered, winking at Joey."Hello!" Joey cooed back, spreading his legs wider.Likewise I dropped between Carlos' legs and pressed my face into his crotch. The denim material of his levis had a stong scent of piss to it. dirty teen sex porn Hungrily, I opened my mouth and sucked on the bulge between Carlos' legs."Fuck yeah!" Carlos moaned, leaning back on the sofa, Grabbing the back of my kara porn teen head he pulled me more firmly onto his basket. "You like the way my 501's taste?""Shit yeah!" I practically moaned, soaking his mound with my saliva. "Fuckin' piss, man! That's what I vintage gay teen porn taste!"Mario raised his head for a moment and glanced at me."That's his favorite pair of jeans. They only get washed in piss!" Mario rasped."Fuck!" Joey whispered, popping the snaps on his jeans and freeing his big, thick, veiny cock."Aye mirala!" Mario gasped, at the sight of my brother's throbbing dick.Joey stroked his dick slowly. His fingers gently ran up and down his rigid shaft."Suck it, Mario!" I groaned, looking at him. "Suck my brother's big dick!"Without hesitation, Mario wrapped his full lips around the mushroom shaped head of Joey's cock and slowly took all of Joey's tool down his hungry throat until his nose was pressed firmly into Joey's thick pubic bush."Aaaaaahhhhhh! Yes! Suck it, Mario! Suck my dick! Fuckin' feels so good, man!" Joey moaned.Mario bobbed his head up and down Joey's dick, much to Joey's delight and sighs of pleasure.I stood up, leaned over Carlos and turned the light down to a lower setting. Straightening myself back up I began to undress slowly, seductively, tossing my clothes at Carlos' feet.Taking several steps backwards, I stood with my legs slightly apart free teen porn clip and began stroking my cock. Pointing to the ground, I motioned for Carlos to approach me.Carlos slid off of the couch onto his knees. He spanking teen porn pulled his tank top off and flung it onto the sofa behind him, revealing his sclupted, hairy chest. On his knees he inched his way towards me, his dark green eyes riveted on my rising cock. Pausing before me, he leaned forward and ran his nose along the length of my shaft, sniffing.I hadn't showered since my little solo play on Thursday xxx teen porn nude night after talking with Joey over the phone. I knew I was musky from my workout at the gym prior to heading for Joey's earlier in the day."Yes! Yes!" Carlos whispered, taking the aroma of my cock into his nostrils. "You smell so fuckin' good, Kyle!""Yeah?" I asked, in a gutteral voice. "I'll give you something that smells even better, motherfucker! But first ..."Carlos raised his head and teen free anime porn gazed deeply teen porn games into my blue eyes. Our teen black porn eyes met. Beyond him I could see that Joey and Mario tiny teen topanga pussy were completely naked now and that Mario had resumed his position between Joey's legs. Mario's sweet teen pussy full, melon shaped butt and hairy cleft looked so enticing as he continued to give my brother a blowjob."Please!" Carlos whispered, his voice and eyes pleading.I knew what Carlos wanted, what he desired at this moment. I was determined to make this moment of our initial contact as erotic as I could.Reaching behind me I ran my fingers into my sweaty, hairy ass nasty teen free porn trench. My fingers sought my hole. It was very moist to the touch. I swirled my finger over my rosebud pucker. Removing my finger I slowly raised my finger towards my nostrils and took a deep breath, all the while looking deeply into Carlos' eyes."Fuck!" Carlos whispered, watching me. "Why do your torment me?"I smiled seductively at him, savoring the aroma of my ripe asshole as its scent ga teen sex tape wafted up my nostrils and filled my mind with lust."Aaaaaahhhhhh!" I moaned, as I sniffed my finger."Please, Kyle!" Carlos whispered, again.Slowly I brought my hand down towards Carlos. As he leaned forward to smell my finger, I began to piss. The first spurts splashed agaist Carlos' hairty chest. He swirled his teen porn video cip hand over his chest, moaning as he pressed his nose against my finger and sex with teens breathed latino legal teen porn the pungent aroma of teen chick porn my asshole.As my piss stream became stronger, I aimed my cock towards Carlos' crotch and thoroughly soaked the material of his levis. He kneaded his crotch with his hands working the warm piss into the cloth and onto his cock."Fuckin' piss pig!" I snapped. "Open your fuckin' mouth!"The sound of piss splashing against lesbian teen porn Carlos' body and hitting the plastic beneath us filled the room. As Carlos tilted his head back and opened his mouth, I waved my pissing cock lesian teen porn up spraying my chest and then pointed it back down to the human urinal kneeling in front of me.I two lips teen pussy watched with delight as my golden nectar filled, then spilled from Carlos' mouth. Rivulets of piss streamed down his cheeks and neck."Drink it, baby! Drink my fuckin' manpiss!"Carlos gulped quickly, then let his mouth fill up again."Yeah! Piss on my brother!" Mario rasped, as he and Joey gathered themselves at my feet beside Carlos, their faces pressed against the plastic, lapping at the pools of piss which settled there.Before my piss stream ceased, I lunged forward. Grabbing Carlos by the back teen xxx gay porn teen xxx sex of the head, I shoved my just fucked teen porn pissing dick into his teen fuck horse porn mouth. Carlos wrapped his lips tightly around my shaft and swallowed and swallowed my golden fluid."Fuck yeah! pink porn teen All of you taste my piss!" I teen hitchiker porn hollered, throwing my head back and running my fingers through my hair. "Motherfuckin' piss drinkin' bitches!"As the last spurts of piss hit the back of Carlos' mouth, he yanked and tugged at his wet jeans to get them off."Thank you! Thank you!" Carlos groaned, pulling his mouth off of my cock, freeing himself too from his piss teen porn at dentist soaked levis.Joey rolled onto his side. Carlos crawled behind him and nuzzled his face into Joey's ass. In like manner I got down behind Carlos. Mario behind me and to complete the circle, Mario showed his ass onto Joey's faceThe sound of heavy breathing, of sniffing, of slurping filled the room as each one of us thoroughly smelled at ate out the ass pushed back upon our face."Fuck yeah! Smell my dirty ass! Eat it baby! Eat my fuckin' shithole! Yeah! latin porn teen Suck on those juicy asslips!" were the only cries that escaped from the four of us. Each man rendering pleasure to the other in a chain or grunting, sniffing and slurping.We reversed the chain several times so that each one of us could taste one another's assholes. As we sucked hungrily upon each other's mancunt, so too did nude young teens our hands stroke each other's throbbing cocks.Mario was the first to break the circle. Panting he rose to his knees, his hand stroking his thick, ten inch dick."Kyle! Joey!" he gasped. new porn teen pics "Get on your backs with your butts against each other!"Joey and I did as we were told, sliding into position, pressing our asses as firmly against one another as we could."I want both of you to shit! Do it!" Mario panted, teen free porn galleries breathlesslyCarlos fumbled in the gym bag and retrieved porn teen video sybian a couple bottles of poppers. He tossed a bottle to his brother. Mario took a deep snort then handed the bottle to Joey. Likewise, Carlos snorted from his bottle and then handed it to me.As the rush of exhiliration hit me, I began to grind my ass against Joey's. Sloppy, slurping sounds escaped from mine and my brother's butts. Wet spitting farts with foul smells began to rise in the air."Shit!" Carlos yelled, lusfully. "Shit on each other!"Joey grunted and instantly I felt his warm shit against my ass."Fuck yeah! Joey!" I cried, as I let out a forceful fart and shit came tumbling out of my asshole."Give it to me, Kyle!" Joey yelled, grinding his shitty ass against mine. "Give me your fuckin' shit, brother!""Smear teen porn from tokyo up their big cocks with shit, Carlos!" Mario hollered, his voice crazed with animal lust. "I wanna see their iceland teen porn dicks covered in their stinkn' shit!"Carlos sunk teen internal cumshot porn his hand between mine and Joey's butts."Fuck! Fuck!" he moaned, as he churned his hand into our manure. "They're still shitting, Mario!""Yeah! Shit! Shit!" Mario chanted, stroking his cock. "Fuckin' push out those turds!"Joey and I groaned with perverted pleasure as Carlos withdrew his china teen porn hand from between us. Together, Joey and I raised our heads and watched as Carlos covered our cocks and balls with our reeking filth."Yeah! Smear that shit on our cocks!" Joey moaned, reaching for the poppers and taking free teen porn webcams a deep hit."Look what I have for you, Mario!" Carlos hissed, gazing at his brother.Carlos had taken both of our shitty cocks and pressed them against one another. Joey and I more firmly pushed our butts closer together, feeling brazil teen porn our shit squishing between us."Sit on sexy teen porn galleries this, Mario! Take both Kyle and Joey's shitty dicks up your ass! If you don't, I will!"Mario stood up and approached us. He stood with his legs on either side of Joey and I. Carlos grasped our cocks together firmly. Slowly, Mario squatted free teen grils porn down. Reaching under him he porn teen slut pushed his hand down between mine and Joey's asses."Oh yeah!" he daddy and teens sex moaned. "Gettin' fuckin' shit on my hand! Gonna fuckin' lube my ass with nude french teens your stinkin' shit!"Mario proceded to swirl his shitty hand up and down the crack of his ass, pausing to shove three fingers up his quivering asshole."Shit yeah!" Joey hollerd, raising his head to watch Mario smear his ass up and ram teen gay porn vids his fingers teen ass pictures up his hole.I ran my hands down across my chest, over my stomach and onto my heavily shit coated pubic bush. I worked my fingers into the warm filth then raised my hands towards my face and rubbed my dirty fingers all over my face and through my hair."Fuckin' shit pig is what you are, Kyle!" Carlos hollered, watching me rub shit on my face. "Suck on those shitty fingers, man!"As I drew my filthy fingers into my open, gaping mouth and the flavor of turd hit my taste buds, Mario let out a deep moan as he impaled himself upon mine and Joey's hard, throbbing, shitty dicks."Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Mario groaned, as his hole filled with two cocks."This is fuckin' wild!" Joey screamed. "Your cock feels so fuckin' fantastic against mine, Kyle! Fuck! teen porn babys Mario!""Yes?""Ride our fuckin' dirty dicks!"As Mario adjusted to the fullness in his bowels, he began to bounce up and down on our dicks, fucking himself furiously."Yeah fucker!" I hollered, "take me and Joey's dirty nude teens sex dicks up your fuckin' nasty ass! Fuckin' pig! Fuckin' shit pig! Gettin' dicked real dirty by two hot, teen pantyhose porn fuckin' shit studs!""Fuck my ass dirty!" Mario yelled, "fuck this pig's hole! Fuck the shit outta me!"Carlos rose to his feet. He pressed his face into the palms of his filthy hands."Fuckin' stink!" he roared. "I fuckin' love it!""Rub that shit all over your fuckin' face, Carlos!" Joey grunted, bucking his hips upwards, sending squeels of 89 teen porn pleasure out of Mario's mouth.Carlos painted his face brown then reached for his cock. Aiming his cock first towards Joey, Carlos sighed and began to piss. His piss stream hit Joey's face."Yeah! Piss on me, Carlos!"I raised my head to see Carlos' cock spraying a gushing fountain of piss towards my brother. Carlos looked at me, free teen porn download flicking his tongue out over his shitty lips. Then Carlos waved his cock towards his brother and showered him as well."Fuckin' wanna drink my piss too, Kyle?" Carlos sneared."Yes! Yes! Piss in my mouth, free european teen porn Carlos!"Just as I had filled Carlos' mouth with my piss earlier, so too now did Carlos aim his golden fountain into my open mouth."Drink, Kyle, drink! Wash some of that shit down with my rank manpiss!"I swallowed Carlos' piss greedily. The comingled tastes of shit and piss filled my mouth and I moaned loudly between gulps.When his geyser of piss ceased, Carlos stepped over me, and shoved teen reality porn sites his hard cock into his brother's mouth."Suck my cock, Mario!"Mario's mouth, like his hungry, greedy asshole, swallowed his brother's dick. As Joey and I fucked Mario's filthy ass together, Carlos fucked his brother's mouth.I gazed longingly at Carlos' beautiful, hairy ass. It was so muscular and I wanted more than anything to bury my face into his ass and have him shit in my mouth but the position we were in made that impossible.The friction of mine and Joey's dicks rubbing together as we plunged in and out of Mario's asshole was bringing me closer and closer to the brink of cumming. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold off much longer. I could feel my balls begin to tighten, my body tensing."Gonna fuckin' shoot, guys!" I yelled. "Gonna fuckin' cum!""Me blonde teen boys porn too!" Joey yelled back, thrusting his cock deep withing Mario's hungry hole."Fuck yeah!" Carlos screamed, "I'm gonna fuckin' spooge in your motherfuckin' mouth, brother!"Mario groaned out loud, kinky teen lesbian porn his hand flew up and down his raging hardon, as Carlos bucked his hips and with a loud cry, shot his load into his brother's mouth!"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Shouts of pent up lust, animal grunts and moans, spewed from our mouths and cocks.As Carlos blasted his seed into Mario, Joey and I flooded Mario's shithole with our creamy loads. Still sucking furiously on Carlos' dick, Mario took one teen tiatns porn final plunge on the cocks up his ass, Grinding his butt down hard, he gasped as rope after creamy rope of his thick cum flew out of his piss slit and splattered onto my chest and neck."Fuckin' pigs!" Mario sighed, as his mouth slid of Carlos' dick and he disengaged his hot blonde teen porn asshole from our cocks with a wet, slurping sound.Carlos sunk down beside me, his head resting upon my heaving teen idol porn chest.We lay there, Joey and I in the muck of our stinking shit, Mario with his teen and old porn hand draped over Joey's chest, my hand caessing Carlos' back."Who's ready for round two?" Carlos asked, latin teen porn stars with a chuckle.******************************I welcome your comments. Write to me at Rim4youwebtv.net
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